Like most blogs, this one is a digital monument to the ego of the author. So why did I finally decide to have my own blog several years after the trend has jumped the shark? Here are a few reasons:

  1. I write a lot anyway so I figured I would at least make some of it public.
  2. I like to philosophize and, like most modern philosophizers, I assume everyone wants to know my opinion.
  3. I got tired of using Facebook notes to express my longer ideas.
  4. Sometimes the 140 characters on Twitter just aren’t enough to express a complete thought.

What will you find here? Whatever I happen to be thinking about. I’m not going to use the word random because I don’t believe humans are capable of random thought–something triggers each thought process and we can usually trace it back logically. Did you know that when you are referring to a word but not actually using the word like I used random in the previous sentence, it is correct to italicize the word not put it in quotes? Many would call that fact a “random fact” (notice the proper use of quotation marks), but it wasn’t random at all because there was a logical thought process that led to it. Was it good writing? Not even close, but that is the type of thing you can expect here.



What do you think?

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