contact lensDuring a round of golf over the Christmas break, I noticed that my vision was blurry and my eyes were dry. So I started thinking about the last time I put in a new pair of disposable contact lenses. Let’s see…the President was speaking that day and I remember laughing about something he said while I was searching for the new lenses…I think we can all agree that Bush was hilarious! So it’s been a while since I swapped my lenses out. I’m not a cheapskate, I just don’t think about changing them until I start to notice they are getting old.

I had an extra pair in my backpack so I put in new contacts after nine holes. The difference was amazing! Trees had individual leaves! The grass was made of individual blades! The chips I had been eating were actually a bag of mulch! I wasn’t playing golf, I was playing tennis!

The funny thing is that I didn’t notice all the detail I was missing when my vision was bad, I just assumed that I was seeing everything correctly.

January is a great time to refocus and God has been placing many lessons in front of me to help me realize that I need to clearly see Him and my purpose this year. Sermons, books, conversations, and even personal failures have been directing me to re-evaluate my focus. With all of that tumbling through my mind I stumbled across a YouVersion note I typed over two years ago. It simply said:

Genesis 6:18, 22
Noah obeyed God completely for two reasons:
1. His relationship with God
2. His family’s well-being

Since I didn’t remember typing the note, I certainly didn’t remember what the two verses said so I looked them up.

In Genesis 6:18 God told Noah “But I will establish my covenant with you, and you shall come into the ark, you, your sons, your wife, and your sons’ wives with you.”

We see Noah’s response in verse 22 “Noah did this; he did all that God commanded him.”

And there’s where my focus should be. That’s what I want 2014 to be about—correctly focusing on my relationship with God and the well-being of my family leading to complete obedience.


About Jeff Postlewaite

high school principal since '07, father since '04, teacher since '03, husband since '03, sound tech since '96, UVA fan since '92, gadget junkie since '89, Christian since '88, Giants fan since '84, golfer since '83, brother since '83, human since '81

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