The Presidential Debate According to My Kids

Yesterday afternoon I told Sammie (8) and Jack (6) about the Presidential debate. I said that the two guys who want to be President will be talking on TV so that we will know who we want to vote for. They were really excited about it so I told them they could stay up a little bit later than normal to watch some of it.

I purposely did not tell Sammie or Jack anything about the candidates other than their names and that Barack Obama is the President right now and that Mitt Romney wants us to vote for him instead. Here is some of the conversation that happened while our kids sat in their pajamas watching the candidates square off:

Jack: Is that President Rosenbaum?
Me: Obama. It’s President Obama.
Jack: But that’s him, right?

Jack: Hey! I understood something! He said he wanted to get more money by making something low! Right, dad?

Jack: Can we decide who we want tonight?
Me: You can decide anytime you want but we can’t vote until November.
Jack: Oh. Is the vote on TV?
Me: No, we go to a special place and there is a computer that we push the button for the guy we want to be President. You aren’t old enough to vote but you can go with me if you want.
Jack: That sounds like a pretty boring place for kids.

Jack: I think I’m going for Obama
Me: Why is that?
Jack: Well, he is already the President so he already knows how to do it. Besides, the other guy wants to give us more jobs.
Sammie: But Obama wants us to pay more. Wait. Is that what raise tax means?
Jack (emphatically): But the other guy wants to give us more jobs!
Sammie: But not everyone has a job. I think he wants everyone to have a job so they get paid.
Jack (offended): Well I hope he doesn’t give me one.

Sammie: Dad, who are you going for?
Jack: He doesn’t know!
Sammie: I’m just asking! Dad, who are you going for?
Jack: He doesn’t know yet because he hasn’t heard everything they are saying because you won’t be quiet!

Jack: Alright! Romney is keeping PBS Kids! Did you hear that Sammie? He likes Big Bird!
Sammie: Whew! I hope the President won’t get rid of PBS Kids.

Both kids were laying down staring glassy-eyed at the TV.
Me: Alright, it’s time to go to bed.
Sammie: I really don’t understand what they are saying.
Jack: Dad, will you tell me what they say in the morning? Not everything, just the words I know.


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  1. This is your best blog to date. I walked into work this morning with paperwork on my desk that had to be fixed and this blog has made this mornig do a complete 180. Your kids need a reality show!

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