30 Days of Thanks, day 24- Thanksgiving

During the month of November I am writing about the first thing that I am consciously thankful for each day as a way to be more intentionally grateful. Check out the first one for more information on why I am doing this.

There is absolutely no better way to disappoint a sitcom’s audience than to do a re-cap episode. I was extremely frustrated with Seinfeld’s finale in the courtroom and the Christmas episodes of Family Matters where they sat around the living room talking about their past experiences, conveniently showing clips. The only time the flashback was fun was when Home Improvement showed Tool Time highlights for the entire 22 minutes.

I usually only steal good ideas, but today I’ll make an exception. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m doing a very special holiday episode of 141plus in order to follow up on a few of the things I’ve been thankful for this month. Besides, if Jerry Seinfeld could disappoint 78 million viewers of his show, disappointing a few dozen is the least I can do.

Day 1- Safety. The stash of “mommy and daddy candy” didn’t last too long. Fortunately, after reading my blog and sarcastic comments about not getting enough peanut candy, Mrs. Simmons brought me a bag of Reese’s Minis. That bag lasted until exactly 3 minutes after webby778 walked into my office.

Day 5- Librivox.org. I was honored when Bob Gonzalez, host of the Librivox Community Podcast, asked if he could use my blog in the Thanksgiving edition. You can hear me starting at 44:38.

Day 6- A Resourceful Wife. I finally fixed my shower door yesterday. Yes, it still leaks.

Day 9- A Sense of Humor. This post has almost twice as many hits as any of the others. So the secret to internet success is personal humiliation, hmmm.

Day 13- Friendly Competition. The Giants haven’t won a game since I posted this and neither the 49ers nor Packers have lost. That’s the last time I write anything positive about one of my teams prior to a big game. I’m not even going to think about mentioning the Virginia vs. Virginia Tech game this Saturday that determines who goes to the ACC Championship. Wait! That doesn’t count! That was just information! NOOOOO!!!!!!! I just cost UVa the game!

Day 15- Thrift Stores. I still haven’t replaced those shoes and I’ve had to get pretty creative to choose clothing that doesn’t require brown casual shoes.

Day 18- The Unsubscribe Button. I’ve got to confess that this post was a test. I’ve noticed that since I started 141plus back in June, very few people read my blog on a Friday. I wrote what I felt was a good teaser, posted it to facebook and twitter at an ideal time and sat back to see how many hits I got. Not many. Fridays are tough.

Day 23- Generosity. Jack and Sammie both went with me dressed as Indians. Yeah, I mentioned that one just so I could post a picture of my kids in their costumes. And yes, Jack is pretending to shoot an imaginary arrow with an imaginary bow.

Today, November 24, I am thankful that Thanksgiving provides an opportunity to look back and realize how truly blessed I am.

In keeping with the theme of a bad sitcom holiday special…Join us tomorrow for the all-new episode that changes everything.


About Jeff Postlewaite

high school principal since '07, father since '04, teacher since '03, husband since '03, sound tech since '96, UVA fan since '92, gadget junkie since '89, Christian since '88, Giants fan since '84, golfer since '83, brother since '83, human since '81

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