Defining 20somethings

When @webby778 and I started our 20somethings Bible study class two years ago, we were asked numerous times why we needed a specific ministry for young adults. We were convinced that by focusing on our specific audience each week, we could spark some excitement within our age group, so we started trying to define our age group. Here are some of the thoughts that we came up with. Please add your own in the comments or disagree vehemently if you want. After all…

  1. …we like to give our opinions. Don’t tell me what you think without letting me tell you what I think. I may be way off base here. (see what I did there)
  2. We have no problem jumping from one topic to the next. Even if a conclusion has not been reached, we can abandon a discussion and move on with the knowledge that we at least talked about it.
  3. We think we are multitaskers and, therefore, are not generally offended if others divide their attention while we are conversing. Usually we are not as good at this as we think though.
  4. Fun is the most important factor determining whether we will recommend something to our friends. Even if we recognize something as valuable, we probably won’t endorse it if it’s not fun.
  5. We like spontaneity. This isn’t to say we don’t like structure, but “off the cuff” doesn’t bother us.
  6. We prefer the easiest form of communication available even if it is not the most efficient. We won’t visit if we can call, won’t call if we can email, won’t email if we can text.
  7. We like the idea of making a difference, but often don’t care enough to be personally involved to the point of changing the way we live.
  8. We think we understand more about people than we really do and often express this by making generic lists and summing up diverse groups of people in a few simple points.

While typing this out, I realized that a few of these items could use some explanation and it would be great to discuss how a young adult’s ministry can capitalize on these characteristics. I’ll work on that pretty soon.


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